Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello March! Hello Green Monster!

It seems like just yesterday the new year began!  And now we are three days into March!  Amazing!

So yesterday I started my little Green Monster experiment. 

And it has nothing do with monsters or envy.

I've been reading on a lot of blogs about the Green Monster and folks just rave about it. 
What's a Green Monster?  Sit down.  It will sound gross.  At least it did to me.  My Green Monster is 1 c. 1% milk, 2 cups spinach and 1 banana - and stick this in a blender and viola, you got yourself a Green Monster.

Folks mix that equation a little differently.  You can replace the milk for soy, rice or almond milk.  And some folks use kale instead of spinach.  To think that spinach goes well with banana...well - I'm here to tell you it is incredibly yummy and filling.  Just think, before your work day starts, you can have 2 servings of veggies and 1 serving of fruit in your body!  All for around 230 calories.  And it really is green:

And no, you can not taste the spinach.  All I taste is banana!  Yesterday I had so much energy.  Now, this could very well be because I'm well into taper and I'm rested.  But I'm thinking the Green Monster added a little to this!

I'm happy March is here.  I know I haven't blogged in a while.  Same old same old going on.  Getting in my runs, trying to eat healthy, and still searching for the Best Man. 

March brings us that much closer to warmer weather.  And guess what - just four days to my second marathon, the Little Rock Marathon.  Last week was all about being cranky...and an overwhelming feeling of doubt, but I'm firmly out of my funk and now I'm ready to race.  

My IT Band is oh so cranky and I've tweaked my hamstring.  This afternoon I'm going to get a massage to work some of those issues out because getting rid of my left leg is not an option.  Even with this, I have a great sense of peace about Sunday.  The last time I had this feeling before a race, I PRed the half marathon.  So I'm going to try to foster this sense of peace up until race day!

Sorry this is a short one.  I'll check in with another post to share with you my awesome homemade marinara recipe!

Have an awesome Wednesday.


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  1. I love green monsters! I just have a hard time carting them to work. Good luck on Sunday!