Friday, April 15, 2011

Where Exactly is Hyner, PA?

I didn't know either until I found this map.  This is where I'll be tomorrow to race.

For the Hyner View Trail Challenge, the forecast is a high of 51 degrees, 90% chance of rain and winds between 20 to 30 mph.  I have to remember my inner Buttercup is dead, but tomorrow might make that a little difficult. Here's a little peek for what's in store elevation for us.

And in case you can't read the small print...that's 4226 feet of elevation gain over 16.35 miles.  I'm excited to check out where I'm at in my training even if there will be a little oxygen advantage.  Will I race smart?  I think that would involve some patience through at the very least the first I take the downhill #2 hard?  Or save it for downhill #3?  Uphill #3 seems to be quite steep, so smarter heads might take a conservative approach through the first two thirds...but who said I was smart?  I'm totally thinking of taking downhill #2 hard.  Why not?  Now it is very likely we'll have a little mud, so who knows really what footing will allow.  My main objective is to have fun and not trip on a tree root.

Other than this, not too much to report.  Here are some highlights:

MID-WEEK MEDIUM LONG RUNS - my 8 to 10 mile mid-week runs are much easier this time around than last year.  I feel strong and I'm a little faster. 

SPEEDWORK FAIL - I have excused myself from the last two speedwork sessions and I'll miss this week's due to my trip out east.  And this coming Tuesday, I have jury duty and can't make Speedwork either.  Oh no! 

Month of March I logged 166.95 miles.  YTD miles = 415.94 - ahead of schedule for making my goal.  Which is a good thing seeing as this week I slacked off - which follows last week's down week.  Not to fear, next week will be an uber week of miles!  I'm looking forward to the challenge!

March 28-April 3:
Monday: 4. 0 miles
Tuesday: 9.05 miles
Wednesday: Strength train
Thursday: 6.06 miles
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: 20.37 miles
Sunday: 10 miles
Total Miles: 49.48 miles

April 4 - 10:
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 9.03 miles
Wednesday: Strength train
Thursday: 8.08 miles
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: 12.12 miles
Sunday: REST
Total Miles: 29.23 miles

I'll have a full race report next week...Happy Running!



  1. What an impressive volume of miles you've been logging lately! You are READY for that Hyner climb. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Looks like you have a nice mile + to warm up before that first biggy. RAH RAH RAH! GO STRONG LAURA GO! :)