Monday, May 30, 2011

From Recovery to Taper...

Oh boy.  So after Collegiate Peak, I spent some time recovering.  In part because I hear that's important to do and in part because I was wiped. 

And then it was time to taper for the Steamboat Marathon.  That's right, I said taper.  I thought about trying to go for a build up week between the two races, but I stuck to plan.  I think I should have had a different plan.  These past few weeks have been low mile weeks.  Low enough to make me feel really uncomfortable about my endurance going into Steamboat.  Maybe it is just a little pre-race taper-madness-magnified jitters.  Guess we'll see how this experiment works...

Even though I feel utterly unprepared, I still have a lofty goals.  That's the taper madness, right?

A Goal: 5:10 marathon.  I know you speedsters might say no problem.  But for me, this would be a PR by 48 minutes. 
B Goal: 5:20
C Goal: 5:30

At least I have a sweet elevation profile to help me along to a hopefully just as sweet PR.  Don't worry.   I know downhill races are probably harder than uphill races.  But yet...who knows?

Here are some other happenings in the past few weeks:
  • I filed my first amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Which was totally awesome!
  • I solved a mystery.  I have been plagued by incredibly tight hamstrings and calves since right before Collegiate Peaks.  So much so, it effected my short runs in the two weeks after Collegiate Peaks.  After looking back on training and things, I figured out the problem.  It was my new running shoes.  For some reason, even though Mizuno Inspire were working for me, I decided it was time to switch brands.  BAD IDEA - especially during racing season.  I'm back in my Mizunos and viola no uber tightness. 
  • Runners Roost rocks.  They took my shoes back even after I probably put 50 or more miles on them.  Love their return policy!
  • My little brother got a new job.  He sounded so excited and relieved.  I'm very happy he's so positive about the future.
  • It's been a long time since I have remembered my dreams.  The past few nights I have remembered them and they include cookies.  Did you know that dreaming of baking cookies is a sign of optimism.  Of course what's not to enjoy about cookies?  I wonder if this means I shouldn't be so worried about Steamboat...
Here's my mileage for the past few weeks....cookies aside, it's enough to make me worry about Steamboat...

Week of May 9 - May 14
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 2 miles
Wednesday: Strength train
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: 6.02 miles
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 8.02 miles

Week of May 15 - May 22
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6.05 miles
Wednesday: Strength train
Thursday: 4.63 miles
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: 14.51 miles
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 25.19 miles

Week of May 23 - May 29
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 7.29 miles
Wednesday: Strength train
Thursday: 4.14 miles
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: 8 miles
Total Miles: 19.43 miles

Happy Running!



  1. Take things easy at the start and re-evaluate at the half-way point. I think downhills are easier for us slower runners, just don't get too carried away the first 5-10 miles.

  2. Although Steamboat is billed as a 'downhill' course, just be prepared that it is not all downhill. I would describe it as a rolling downhill. You will have uphills but nothing scary. The rolling hills will probably give your legs a little break! You will have fun as it is a beautiful area and a neat town.