Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Yes.  I realize it is the first full week of February.  I'm a little behind.  Not because I haven't been running or eating.  That's well under control.  I will admit that I haven't been dating.  I think I'm primarily behind because of preparing, doing and decompressing from oral arguments before the Colorado Supreme Court.  It was a totally awesome experience.  Of course I was nervous throughout prepping right up until I started my argument.  And then it was fun.  I was peppered with questions and thankful I didn't have to use my 45 minutes worth of prepared questions.  I rather enjoyed the exchange.  And then I was exhausted.  After this weekend, I finally feel like my old self. 

Denver got hit with snow on Thusday/Friday.  15 inches of the stuff in the metro area.  Thankfully our coach moved our run to Sunday and I got in a long, arduous 14.5 miles along the Cherry Creek Bike Trail.  It was beautiful!

So on with the new year!  I do love a new year.  It's a new beginning, time to reflect on what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish.  I never feel pressure about it.  I know a lot of people try to avoid setting goals and resolutions.  However my personal belief is that it is a perfect time to express your goals.  So here's three of mine.

  • RUN a sub 5:00 marathon.  This might take a while to accomplish - it would be a huge accomplishment for this very slow runner.  But I'm working to give it my best in time for the Colorado Marathon on May 6th.  And if that isn't in the cards, then in the Fall.

  • EAT in a way that supports my goals.  I started keeping a journal to track how my body responds to what I eat.  I want to eat foods that my body loves.  I actually ate cauliflower and brussel sprouts yesterday.  Really.  I'm not sure it will be a regular occurrence, but who knows?  I'm learning it isn't about some perfect macronutrient breakdown and that no matter how many books I read, the only expert on my body is me. 

  • DATE people I meet through the people I already know.  I can't keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.  So I'm on hiatus with the online dating thing.  I'm just trying to put out there that I'm looking and seeing if people who know me can connect me.  Fingers crossed.  I have one email contact so far. 
Here's to the remaining 11 months of 2012!!

Happy Running,



  1. You CAN get that sub 5 hour - I know you can!
    As for meeting "someone" - sometimes great things happen when you aren't looking - like maybe a great guy!!! Think positive! :-)

  2. Great goals. And that was a beautiful, chilly, run along Cherry Creek! Good luck! You've got my support and cheering pom poms!

  3. Is that it?!? no more posts? wasssup?! :)