Sunday, August 10, 2014

Anything is Possible

A week ago, I watched my dear friend Kari compete in the Ironman Boulder.  I was amazed by her focus, strength, and smile.  And as I watched her enter the finish chute, I was elated.  It was inspiring to watch her tackle the demands of Ironman training. More than anything though, it was beautiful to watch her grow in confidence and strength.  Kari was joined by many of our friends, and I was struck by the diversity of backgrounds and goals.  No matter their journey, they were all fearless!

Yesterday, I finished A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington.  I was struck by her resilience and belief that anything is possible.  Her story is inspiring and I took a lot away from her book, especially chapter 10.  She talks a lot about training the mind, not just the body. 

"You may not be able to right now,
but with a positive frame of mind
and a willingness to work,
anything is possible."
-Chrissie Wellington

You might think with all this Ironman talk that I would be declaring my intent to train for an Ironman.  Nope.  While I love being surrounded by all the crazy, focused athletes...the Ironman doesn't call to me.  Maybe someday (never say never), not now.  But all this Ironman watching called to me to stop letting fear call the shots and to pick a goal that scares me.

For the past two years, I have struggled with injuries.  Not only did it hurt to run, it hurt to sit and drive.  Frankly, it just hurt to be.  I medicated with food and alcohol.  I'm not proud with how I handled it, but I can't change the past.  Finally, I feel like I have answers and I'm working to correct the imbalances which contribute to the injury.  My fitness is nearly at the bottom, so in many ways, I feel like I am starting over.  And I am afraid to be injured again.  I am afraid of not being able to be the strong athlete I so want to be.  I have two choices.  I can let fear stop me from working towards the calling.  Or I can let fear drive me to become that strong athlete.

39 weeks from now, I plan on crossing the finish line at the Ice Age 50M.  That's an "M" and not a "Km."  And no, it isn't too early to start training with this goal in mind.  My short term goal first and foremost is consistency.  The next goal is endurance. I miss being that strong, focused athlete.  So here we go!

Week 1 Plan
Monday - Strength Train/Plyo Class
Tuesday - Run 5 miles
Wednesday - Strength Train with Trainer, Walk 3 miles
Thursday - Hike 4 miles (hills)
Friday - REST
Saturday - Run 7 miles
Sunday - Hike 6 miles (hills)

Happy Running!


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  1. Go fly!!! You can do it!!! You might stumble and fall along the way but keep getting up and keep putting one foot in front of the other!!!