Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, I didn't make it to 300 grams of carbs, but I came close - and I could have if I had it in me to eat 1900 calories today.  But it being a rest day, I know I'll be lucky to burn 1600 calories today, so no need to push myself to eat 1900 calories, especially if I'm not hungry.

Lunch was a repeat of Thursday's dinner - 2 oz (dry) of Orzo, 1 t. olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and a smoked mozzarella & artichoke & garlic chicken sausage.  This time I had some small grape tomatoes and they seemed really sweet.  This is definitely a keeper meal!

My mid afternoon snack was a slice of the cinnamon pecan bread.  No photo, sorry.

Dinner was weird.  Only because I was trying to hit the 300 g of carbs goal.  I had some of the Foster Farms Turkey Meatballs and 1 c. brown rice.  The star of the meal was 3/4 c. of sweet potatoes with 1/2 t. whipped butter and 1/2 t. brown sugar.  The sweet potato has to be the perfect food...

My evening snack was the same as my mid-morning snack.  1 slice of the Honey Whole Wheat bread with 1 t. whipped butter and 1 t. raspberry jam.  No photo of this repeat, sorry.

Since my healthy eating journey began, I never stayed away from carbs but it wasn't really my focus.  I think this will be a big adjustment and I'll have to find the right combination of getting carbs through fruits, veggies, breads and pastas.  A girl can't live on bread alone.  Because that would require too much butter!

Daily totals:
Eats: 1757 calories (60% carbs - 275 g, 17% protein, 23% fat)
Workout: rest day, I did stretch...and my legs appreciated the stretch and foam rolling.
Men: This evening, I reached out to someone I met on a dating website.  Let's see what happens...

Have a great night!


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