Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe its been this long since I last posted.  So long, I had to look up my log-in information.  Sorry about that.  Between the holidays, work and getting sick, blogging has been impossible to fit in. 

Happy New Year!  I love beginnings.  And the New Year is the biggest beginning I can think of.  Do you make resolutions?  I know a lot of people do it as the year unfolds.  I think this works for me but I also like to start the New Year with some overall goals.  And here are some of mine:

1.  Run 1400 miles.  I ended 2009 with 1,188.61 miles.  My goal was 1,100 so I was happy, even though I was oh so close to 1,200 but got sick and couldn't make that happen.  I think 1400 miles is an achievable goal, especially since I'll be training for my first ultra in the Fall.  I pondered setting 1500 miles as my goal, but I can't forget that races require taper and recovery.  So 1400 miles it is!

2. Lose 15 pounds.  This would put me at 130.  I'm not sure I can get this low.  I made it to 136 for a day a year ago, so this might be a stretch.  I'd like to do lose the weight over the year - 4 pounds by the Little Rock Marathon (March), another 4 pounds before the Greenland 25K (May); another 4 pounds by the Georgetown Half Marathon (August) and the last 3 pounds before my 50K (October). 

3.  Pay off two credit cards.  With my law school loans, this too may be a lofty goal, but this would leave me with only two other credit cards to pay off.  So cutting my credit card debt in half this year, would be great progress. 

4.  Cook more.  The goal is that once a week I cook something out of my normal routine.  I think I'll use Cooking Light and Cook with Jamie cookbook by the very cute and fabulous Jamie Oliver.  Up this weekend: Roast a chicken.  I've never done this and I think it is well past time that I do this.  Yes, I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia.

5.  Be the happiest driver in Colorado.  I have a problem with road rage.  I don't tailgate nor am I an agressive driver but I do tend to use my horn and get quite angry when drivers don't drive as I think they should.  Its seven days in and I'm horn free, so I think I'm off to a great start!

6.  Date regularly.  I really want to meet a few different guys to better understand what's important to me.  I'm happy to report that I've been out on dates with two different guys this past week and I have dates with two other guys in the next week.  So I'm well into this mission.

7.  Read more.  Before law school, I was always reading, usually three books at a time.  Since law school, it is hard for me to get through a book and usually its only because I belong to bookclub.

8.  Blog regularly.  And to that end, I'll check in this evening with my eats and daily totals.

Have a great Friday eve!


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