Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Eve of Friday

I'm watching Pizza! The Movie on the documentary channel.  Its making me hungry!

It feels like it has been such a long week.  I'm glad Friday is almost upon us.  I'll get back to the picture taking this weekend.  Here's an overview of my eats today.

Breakfast: Nature's Path maple nut oatmeal plus 1/2 c. blueberries and coffee with 1/2 c. 1% milk and 1 t. of sugar.
Snack: 1.1 oz of rice cracker mix (minus the wasabi peas)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Mac & Cheese and 2 clementines
Snack: 1 banana and 2 fig newtons
Dinner: 2 eggs, scrambled with 2 slices of toast (made from the Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat) with 1 T of whipped butter and 2 T of reduced fat strawberry cream cheese.
Snack: two chocolate chip cookies

Today's overview of eats tell me that I'm not eating veggies, so I need to work on this!

Daily Totals:
Eats: 1747 calories - 13% protein,  59% carbs (270g), and 28% fat
Run: 5 miles on the treadmill in my apartment building...because it was -1 degrees out this morning - I'm looking forward to the return of warmer weather - I much prefer being outside!
Men: spoke with one of my match bachelors and emailed two others

Good night!


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