Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Angels and Sled Dogs

Such an unreliable blogger am I.  My apologies.  I've just returned from Lake Placid with a few pictures and a strong resolve to consistently blog!  I'll provide a catch-up blog tomorrow, we'll keep it all about the Lake Placid adventures.

I left the relative warmth of Denver and flew to Rochester, New York to my brother's house.  He's the oldest of my two brothers and an absolute fitness inspiration to me.  He and his fiance picked me up after a three hour delay and lots of miscommunication courtesy of Northwest.  For two-and-a-half years, I worked for the Aveda Corporation and was a platinum flyer of Northwest.  They always got high marks from me.  But not anymore...my flight from Detroit to Rochester was delayed by three hours due to mechanical challenges.  I understand that equipment fails.  The frustrating part was the lack of communication from Northwest.  We were told to stay in the boarding area and were told this repeatedly every 10 minutes for 2.5 hours.  And then we were moved to another gate, where that attendant told us, "you people don't belong here."  Gee, thanks.  We were then sent to another gate and then boarded a plane to sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes.  Sigh.  Thankfully I was packed for snacks, but situations like this always make healthy food choices more difficult.  The return flight was also challenging and resulted in a 13 hour travel day.  I'm happy that my work doesn't involve travel!

The next day, my brother, SIL and myself picked up my mother and headed to Lake Placid.  The younger of my two brothers could not make it and we missed him on this trip.  As the only other coffee drinker in my family, he was missed when I went out to search for my morning coffee fix.  Our condo was right on main street Lake Placid, on Mirror Lake where we could see Whiteface Mountain and the other Lake Placid resorts.

On the first day there, we had lunch in Saranac Lake and settled into the condo.  I whined enough about the cold weather that we went in search of proper cold weather running tights.  No luck in the shops on this day.  We then went to dinner at the Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar.  I had Maine scallops that were amazing.  I do miss east coast seafood! 

The next day included a search for morning coffee which brought me to the Bluesberry Bakery and included a lovely chocolate croissant.  Lunch was substandard chinese food.  My mom then agreed to go on a short dogsled ride.  The puppies were so happy to get going!

What I didn't anticipate was how smelly these puppies were! 

They were adorable and it was a fun ride!  That evening we went to the Hungry Trout.  I was the only one to order the rainbow trout.  It was really yummy! 

The next day, we returned to Rochester early enough so that we could watch the two football games.  Looks like it will be an excited Superbowl.  I'll be cheering on the Saints!

I'll catch up on food, running and other fun stuff tomorrow!  Right now, I have to finish getting ready for my date!

Have a great Tuesday evening!


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