Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello Friday!

I woke up this morning feel so refreshed!  So I started the morning with a load of laundry and frosting cupcakes - all before 7:00am.  I think taking a three day break from running was a brilliant idea.  I'll post the recipe to the carrot cupcakes some time this weekend...if they are good and I'll know that this evening at my friend's birthday party.

I can attest that the frosting tasted so yummy.  It was a cream cheese and butter frosting that called for 1 t. of orange zest.  So naturally, I decided to eat the orange instead of my usual 1/2 c. blueberries - it was so sweet and juicy!  A great way to continue the fabulous start to my morning!


In addition to the orange and my usual coffee, I had plain oatmeal instead of my usual, which I had yesterday morning...



My snacks for today will be the same as yesterday and include:


This is the last of the smartfood popcorn clusters (thankfully); 1.1 oz of rice cracker mix, a chocolate chip Z bar and two clemintines.  Yesterday I munched on these, had Lean Cuisine's mac & cheese for lunch, and during my date, had 2 glasses of Malbec, 3 pork potstickers, a little bit of salad and 1/4 of a veggie quesadilla.  I would have been good for the day if I stopped there.  But when I got home, I had 1/2 c. of Haagen Daz Mint Chocolate Chip icecream!  How on earth did that get into my house?  But this is what having a few drinks does...kills your motivation to keep the calories in check.


My date last night was probably the best recent first date I've had.  I'm really excited to see him again.  Very engaging, funny and a bit of a tease. 

Weekend Plans
  • Saturday will be my return to running - in a big way.  I have a 22 miler!  And the group doesn't run this week - so I'll be meeting up with a running group friend and we'll do this one together - thankfully!  And I think we may be joined by some other folks for portions of the run. 
  • Saturday evening, hopefully after I have napped after the 22 miler, I'm going out with the bachelor I saw on Tuesday evening - dinner and a movie
  • Sunday will be my day to cook - I found what looks like a tasty recipe for White Bean Burgers. 

Totals from Thursday:
Eats: 1929 calories (10% protein, 54% carb (244 g), and 36% fat)
Runs: None
Men: One great first date!

Have an awesome Friday!



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