Sunday, January 10, 2010

What does not kill you, makes you stronger

Saturday morning we (me and the running group) were greeted by balmy temperatures for our last run of the session.  Location: Green Mountain Trail.  Distance: 12 miles.  Temps: upper 20s, low 30s.  And glorious sunshine! 

It was a noticeably smaller group then most runs.  The route included an "easy" option (out and back on the southwest side of Green Mountain Trail) or a "hard" option of taking the entire loop.  In my innocence of not having run the route before, I opted for the "hard" option. 

The south western side had awesome views.

Little did I know that the hard route's profile looked like this...

Only the big hill, also known as Green Mountain, occurred at around mile 8.5.  I spent more time than I should looking down and wondering if I should turn around and do the easy route.

Did I mention that I spent a lot of time looking down and wondering really if I had taken on too much?

But the views on the top - at around 6800 feet were awesome.  You can see some 14ers in the distance.

And the City of Denver.

The downhill section was challenging.  A mix of ice, rocks, snow, slush and MUD!  I can't recall the last time I felt so relieved to see my car in the parking lot!  I don't regret taking on the hard route.  But it makes me wonder if I'm ready for Little Rock.  More and more I'm thinking I should target a later spring marathon.  That will be my task for the week - figure this out.  Is it the best decision or is it a decision I'm making out of fear?

Have a great evening.  I'm going to try hit the sack early.  This is a big date week - four dates, Monday - Thursday.  I'm tired already.


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