Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello Darlin'

I'm an understanding girl.  I appreciate that dating can be hard.  Sometimes people strive to be "different" in order to stand out.  I usually think this happens because of fear and uncertainy that who you are will fall short of the expectations held by the person you are trying to impress.  I really try to understand that people put themselves out there and I try not to judge.  But I have to say that match.com is starting to creep me out.  I really don't know how I intend to write about dating.  I respect others' privacy too much to reveal too many details.  But I've decided for the good of humankind, I must provide men with information that some of them seem to lack. 

Today's lesson is "What not to include in your first email to me."  Do not call me SWEETIE.  And do not say "HELLO DARLIN'" I'm not even making this up.  These two guys then go on to say nothing that reveals that they read my profile.  They do say your sure look "GRRRReat."  So purring like Tony the Tiger and using Conway Twitty's pick up line will not get you very far.  In fact men, you should know that it is just plain creepy and makes us women want to run away! 

Last night's date was very nice.  I'm glad I went out with him for a second date.  The conversation was interesting and intelligent.  Another date this evening.  No promises on details.

On the running front, I'm not sure about Little Rock.  But on Monday, I got 5.68 miles in and this morning 7.12 miles.  I don't feel strong at all, but I'm still taking it one day at a time.

Have an awesome Tuesday!