Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here are some barstools...

And with today's could use your $30 credit and buy some at .  The great folks at CSN are providing a $30 credit to any of their stores.  Not in the market for barstools?  That's OK, because they have over 200+ stores....where you could use your credit towards a waffle maker, bedding, dumb bells, really your choices are endless.  I didn't know much about this Boston based company - but they are the top 3 online U.S. retailer of home and office goods.  They have so many stores including shoes, cookware, exercise & fitness equipment. And barstools of course!

So how can you be entered in the $30 credit giveaway?  There are two ways:  Leave a comment, telling me the location of your favorite barstool - home, watering hole, soda shop.  And if you are a follower of my blog (current or signed up just now), tell me in your comment that you do and you'll earn another entry.  The contest closes on Friday at 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time.  I'll announce the winner on Friday or Saturday.  The attorney in me wants to outline a whole bunch of rules, but we'll keep it simple!

My favorite barstool location?  Has to be Lola restaurant.  Nice views of downtown Denver and great margaritas.  And brunch on the patio is divine.

How did CSN find me?  Well, I won a CSN credit give away over at Peanut Butter Fingers and they are passing the love on to one lucky reader over here.

In other news...I overslept again!  Which I feel terrible about as I left a friend high and dry at Wash Park.  I hope I'm not getting sick.  I really don't oversleep!  Unlike yesterday, I made it outside for a nice 3.14 mile run.  It was a beautiful 60 degrees out at 6:15am - so crazy beautiful!  I really didn't want to come back inside. If you live in Denver and you haven't been outside yet....why not?

Have an awesome Wednesday!



  1. My favorite barstool is in my kitchen at home and I just became a follower


  2. Wow, you win so many contests! I'm a follower of your blog! My favorite bar stool....Probably Lala's Cheap wine and yummy apps...they usually don't have seats available so sitting on barstools in the bar are the best way to enjoy their food and drinks.

  3. I am a new follower!! I have to say my favorite bar stool would be at Bacchus in downtown New Paltz. I love the food, particularly the black bean soup, sweet potato fries and nachos. But, even better then the food are the memories!!!

  4. New follower Laura. My favorite barstool is wherever my peoples are. Or if no one's around, then my current favorite is at Osteria Marco.

  5. follower, fav bs, hmmm, it's like cheesecake, the best is the piece on the fork headed for you mouth. where ever i am with good friends and wine.

  6. I am a follower and I was totally going to say LaLa, too! I guess I'll go with the barstools at Steuben's because of modernized vintage diner feel.

  7. First time follower, long time listener. Favorite beef steak is a NY strip served medium rare, simply seasoned with some cracked peppercorn. ...wait barstool? I could have sworn you said beef steak. Best barstool is at my house! Especially if I'm sitting on it eating a beef steak.