Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playin' Hooky

This week I'll be hosting my first giveaway!  And while this isn't the prize, it is somewhat related to barstools.  I'll announce details tomorrow! 

This morning I'm playin' hooky from speed work.  I'm not sure it was a conscious decision or not.  I forgot to set my alarm and slept through the coffee maker kicking in.  A little bit too much good food and wine last night I suppose. 

I intended to take pictures of my awesome meal, even remembered to put my camera in my purse.  Alas, I totally forgot to take pictures!  I went out with two friends.  Our plan is to go out to a really nice restaurant once a month.  To kick things off, we went to Olivea.  And it was divine.  I had the arugula salad with roasted golden beets, goat cheese and pistachios.  Then I had the duck meatballs which was served on top of soft creamy polenta.  Perfect.  And we split the most amazing dessert I've ever had, a caramel and chocolate tart.  It is not surprising that the pastry chef was nominated for a James Beard award, for the second time.  Go Yasmin!  If you go, you really must have dessert! 

Have a great Tuesday!


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