Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red Velvet Cake Mania

Ever since Savannah, I've been a little focused on red velvet cake.  You see, when I visited, I had not one but two mini Red Velvet whoppie pies.  And they were amazing! 

And now it seems like I see red velvet cake every where!  Last night, while waiting for my dining companions, I overheard two friends discussing red velvet cookies.  And it is prevalent in the blog world - in this blog in cupcake form, and this blog in pancake form and now it is May's feature flavor at LaMar's - donut form!  And I must have it.  You could call this a bit of an obsession.

I thought that my new obsession would be a good incentive to kick start some serious cross/strength training.  Come July, it will be a year since I last regularly strength trained.  And I feel it.  I'm not strong.  Some parts are more squishy than they should be.  So last week, I joined BCOR

Not because they give out free Red Velvet Cake...no because I was looking for a strength routine that didn't involve a lot of planning on my part - I'd just have to show up and follow.  I'm lazy like that.  Lucky me, BCOR has a lot of places around town and there is one close to me.  And it gets me outside.  For some reason, the thought of going to a gym is not working for me!

I have incentive to attend BCOR because I paid for it.  But I wanted just one extra push to get myself to class on a regular basis.  Here's the deal:  I earn one of those Red Velvet beauties (in donut form) if I go to BCOR three times in one week. 

Last week was a big FAIL.  I got to BCOR twice, but three times is the charm to the promise land.  So this week, I'm more focused than before!  One class down, two to go.

The boy suggested that I had earned 2/3 of a donut.  Which was real sweet.  But I'm in this for the all or nothing kind of incentive.  Plus, could I "only" eat 2/3 of a donut?  Let's be serious.  Stopping after one donut is an accomplishment in itself. 

BCOR has been a welcomed change to my usual running routine.  I attend the morning session from 6am to 7am.  And I'm trying to attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So far, BCOR has been a lot of lower body workouts (lunges, squats), cardio (sprints), and core (crunches) and combination exercises like the BURPEE.  Gotta love the burpee, right?

I'm hoping to stick with the three times/week through June and then I'll probably go down to two times/week to make room for more running.  BCOR plus running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, well didn't seem to be enough in my effort to really cross train.  So say welcome to my new road bike:

Isn't she beautiful?  Yes, I've decided she's a she but I'm not sure if I'll name it.  Have you named your bike?  I have a mountain bike but hitting the pavement on my mountain bike was painful.  There was little joy there.  The tires gripped the road and I could never really fly.  But my new road bike is awesome.  On Sunday, I went out on my maiden road bike voyage.  I had a blast, but I still need to work on my clipless pedals.  Let's just say I went 14 miles with only one foot actually clipped in (yes, I'm a chicken).  But I hit speeds approaching 20 miles/hour and that was way cool.  Probably not epic in road bike terms but so fun!

All systems are now go...except for the food and alcohol intake.  I'm really struggling in this department.  But I firmly believe it will all come together.  As  I feel stronger, I know I'll care more about what I eat and in what quantities.  And then I'll need to  find a better incentive than a red velvet cake donut!


  1. i've never baked the, i think i might have to try. ...which means i'll also need tasters/eaters. heh. great job, laura!! you're an inspiration.

  2. You didn't tell me you were getting a road bike! We will have to ride together sometime soon!