Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Lucky Gal with 37 Days

I returned from my little vacation on Monday night. And I could not wait to return to running with low humidity and a little altitude!  While in Minnesota, I ran each day.  Past dead frogs in the road while being chased by mosquitoes and black flies.  Next to corn and soy bean fields.  Each run I returned DRIPPING.  I do not know how a person can train in such humidity.  Here's the stats for last week's training week:

Monday: Day off - Planned
Tuesday: 6.5 miles
Wednesday: 11.5 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 8 miles
Total Miles: 48 miles

Success!  48 miles planned.  48 miles completed.  I had to move some miles around which was not ideal.  But I feel good about my effort.  This week the goal is 56 miles.  The big challenge will fall on Saturday with a 20 mile planned run.  Or is the real challenge the 10 mile run on Sunday?  In any event, I'm up for it.  I have to be.  Guess what is 37 days away?  My target race!  I'm in a bit of shock that it is coming up so quickly. 

In other news...There are just some words that make me cringe.  And when a total stranger uses them, sometimes it makes me cringe even more.  One of my cringe words is GAL.  No, not the acronym for "get a life" - but maybe this is related.  No, I mean an alternative to referring to a woman or girl.  It's condescending, as if I'm not on equal footing.  It makes me feel that the user is trapped in the 1950s.  It is a word I expect my grandfather to use.  I'm sure no harm is meant by it.  And then if the user puts the word "lucky" in front of just seems to magnify the cringe factor. 

Can you tell I'm back on  And then as I thought about whether I'd be a "lucky gal" as promised, it hit me.  I'm not ready to be back on  I'm not even convinced that is the right place for me to meet a man.  I think it's time to hide the profile. 

Hope you have an awesome weekend!



  1. Hi Laura! So were are thinking about doing the Bear Chase Half Marathon and are wondering if you could give us a quick overall description of the route (we haven't ever run up there!). From your photos, it looks to be pretty open as in not a lot of shade. And it looks like we have to get our feet wet! LOL! Hilly? Thanks for the info!

  2. "Kiddo" makes me cringe, double cringe.