Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I left the office last night happy (doing cartwheels) because all my pleadings are filed and my desk was cleared off.  Of course clearing my desk simply meant stashing some files under my desk.  Don't judge, but I do enjoy be surrounded by piles of paper.  I find it comforting for some unknown reason.  I'm also told it is a sign of genius.

This morning I headed to Bear Creek Lake Park to do the 12.5 mile loop (+ 1.5 miles more) of the Bear Chase Trail Race.  Best way I can think to start my vacation!  It felt so good to get in a long run on a weekday and know I didn't need to rush off to work.  It felt like I was eating the world's most decadent chocolate.  Unfortunately, a late start had me running uncomfortable when the temps hit 90 degrees and I was almost out of fluids, so I took a short cut and called it good at 11.5 miles.  

There was hardly a soul out on the trails....and that was perfect!!  The grasshoppers were plentiful company...maybe too much so.  Mt. Carbon wasn't any easier going up....

But coming down I was downright giddy because I knew what would come next...

And the water was as plentiful as it was last time I ran this loop!!
This afternoon, I'm leaving on a jet plane, hopefully not a two-seater, for Minnesota Lake County, Otter Tail Lake to be exact, via Fargo, North Dakota.  This is so all you stalkers out there can find me. 

My best friend and I are going to soak in the simple things of life at her family's cabin.  No electronic diversions, probably a little too much butter in food, and the sounds (screams) of her five nieces and nephews playing.  I need the time to recharge before my two trials at the end of September - right before my race (good taper activity).  And I need to get a little perspective regarding matters of the heart.   I'm sure I'll sleep a lot, eat too much, run at sea level and play more croquet & board games than I thought possible.  Catch you next week some time.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Have a fun few days away! And we need to get up there and run the Bear Chase route.