Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Whew.  I'm fairly certain that the knee issue is over!  How do I know this?  Well, after 22 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday, I'm think all is well.

I really had to wear my patience hat this past week - the pain was intense through Monday and walking was difficult.  But by Thursday, my gait was back to normal.  And I managed a 30 minute walk with a little bit of running.  However, I noticed that maybe my hip wasn't right.  Coach suggested I see the fabulous Dr. Clark to make sure I hadn't overcompensated and messed up my hip/pelvis/back by hobbling around for a few days.  Thankfully on Friday afternoon, she made things right by putting my pelvis back where it belonged.

Saturday the group headed up to Superior to run sections of the Coal Creek Trail system.  It was a picture perfect day for the maiden voyage of my newly healed knee, newly aligned pelvis, and my new hydration system. 

I didn't necessarily get this (Nathan's Intensity Race Vest for women) for training runs with the group or races because aid stations are provided.  This was more for my Sunday runs which are unsupported.  But then I thought, maybe it would be good to race with so I wanted to test it out... I was worried it would be too bulky but it wasn't.  I didn't really notice I was wearing the vest, even with the bladder full.    It carries up to 70 oz of water.  It didn't feel like it was weighing down my shoulders, but after wearing it this weekend, my shoulders are a little sore.  Heck, everything is sore, so not sure if it was the hydration system or my natural tendency to tense up my shoulders...I don't think I'll race with it, but I'll definitely take it for unsupported longer runs.  So much better than a waist fuel system.  However, it is hard to know how much fluids you are consuming...

Saturday successfully ended with 22 miles.  It was slow.  It was really hard.  But it was complete.  Each time I am amazed by all the encouragement I receive from my fellow running group members!  They absolutely rock!

The original plan for Sunday was to train on the big loop of the Bear Chase before the actual race.  However,  Bear Creek Lake Park was closed for some adventure race.  After much contemplation my exhausted legs settled on the Highline Canal.  Boring.  Yes.  Flat.  Yes.  And boring took a back seat to a soft flat surface.  And thankfully, I had company because my exhaustion may have gotten the best of me.  Even though I recommended Mariah show up to the run EXHAUSTED, her beautiful bouncy self appeared bright and early on Sunday, along with her friend Beth, just equally beautiful and bouncy.  Mind you these two the day before had summited La Plata, one of Colorado's 14ers, in fact Colorado's 5th highest peak.  Thanks to Mariah and Beth, 12 miles are done.  My body is sore and I have two blisters...but no pain, and I'm thankful for that. 

Now a slow taper will begin.  I guess I started taper a little earlier due to the knee.  I wonder where that will take me.  Big shout out to my future sister-in-law Kitima who is currently getting ready to start the run portion of the Ironman Wisconsin.  Now that's crazy.

Training stats:  34 miles out of 66 planned.   This week:  44 miles planned.

Have a great week!



  1. Aww shucks. :) Congratualtions on a spectacular week, Laura. You're most welcome, and we were EXHAUSTED! Glad we could join you and you helped me get through those 12 miles too. Beth and I were pretty sure those miles wouldn't have happened if we weren't meeting you. Here's to a good week!

  2. Glad your knee has rebounded - great job on your runs! I bet after you wear your new Nathan pack awhile, you won't even notice it - your shoulders and back will adapt. After wearing a pack (a much bigger one!)so many years on the mountain bike, I don't even notice my running packs are there. In fact, I feel kinda naked w/o it! It might not be a bad idea to wear it in your race - drink when you want, carry a few gels, and not HAVE to stop at an aid station. The convenience may save you some time! :-)