Sunday, September 19, 2010

Battered Feet

Don't worry.  I promise no pictures of my feet.  Just feelin' the need to whine about the condition of them.  They do not look as pretty as these feet do...

I know, I should be thankful that the knee is 100% and my IT band is cooperating.  But my poor feet are dry, calloused, sore and blistered.  Two bruised toe nails too.  I'm used to the dryness and bruised toe nails.  The other stuff is new.  So now I'm on the hunt for the "perfect" sock and lube to correct what ails me.  I have told my feet just two short weeks and then I promise them the best pedicure ever!  OK, enough whining.

A solid training week.  Taper officially begins now, but this week was more than manageable.  There were two highlights.  First, Saturday's 14 miler - I felt strong and hit some fast-for-me miles.  It's been a whole training session since I've been able to hit some of those splits.  Second, was this morning's trail run out at the Bear Chase course.  I had company:  Mariah and her lovely border collie Indigo and Jenny from my pace group.  So I had to be sure that we didn't get lost!

Picture credits go to Jenny.  It was her first trail run - and she did awesome!  We ended up doing around 10 miles, although I had promised a closer to 8 mile route.  My company took that in great stride.  River crossings are a blast when you have friends with you. 

These were my first Sunday miles in which I did not feel absolutely exhausted before the run.  It was an enjoyable time!  And the weather was perfect.  When you have to dig out arm sleeves, you know Fall is in the air!


Here's the past week's miles:

Monday: planned day off
Tuesday: unplanned day off (wiped from the weekend)
Wednesday: 5.06 miles
Thursday: 8.28 miles
Friday: 5.04 miles
Saturday: 14 miles
Sunday 10 miles

Weekly Total: 42.38 miles (planned total: 44 miles)
This week, I have 24 miles planned.  Hopefully taper madness will stay away.  Have a great week!


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  1. Hasn't the weather been unbelievably awesome?
    Great job on your week - try to enjoy the "down" time - I know for me, I enjoy not feeling the pressure to get out and "do". It is a good mental break as well as a physical one. Drymax are my socks of choice!