Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter Has Arrived

I hesitate to declare it so, but with four mornings in a row of low 20 degree runs, well I guess it is so...Thankfully, Denver has no snow on the ground.  Just how I like it.  But snow is very close in fact, this morning, I got to run in a light coating of snow on sections of the Apex Trail.  Guess that is what you can find when you are at 6200' - 7300' elevation.

And I was accompanied by the speedy Mariah and Indigo...

Mariah was fast and well, I was slow...and just a little bit of a whiner.  I attribute it to yesterday's 11+ mile run.  Mariah was nice and attributed it to my change in diet.  I tried to keep it to a little's hard to beat blue skies, fresh air, and happy companions.  No, I don't have any other trail pictures - but I promise next week, I'll have some.  I just didn't want to hold up Mariah any longer than I was! 

As you might have noticed, I tried out Mariah's hiking poles.  They helped me maintain better form on the way up, but they were a drag to run with - so probably not for me.  Not like my Nathan Hydration Vest.  I don't even notice the vest!

I had a good week in the eats and run miles department.  I also found a personal trainer - and I start with her tomorrow morning.  She requires that I send her my food log, so I look forward to her feedback and maybe switching some things up.  In fact I had to send her this week's food log.  She already emailed me to tell me that we need to eliminate "all those processed carbs."  This was surprising - I mean "all those processed carbs" are a few fig newtons and whole wheat english muffins.  So she scares me a little.  But she also said that I shouldn't have a set amount of calories per day - it should be connected to activity.  I was more than happy to consume 2200 calories on Saturday!  I couldn't be happier to have a trainer again.  I'll follow her plan to make me lean and strong - let's see where it takes me.  Working with a trainer is a luxury that I am grateful to be able to swing for a couple of months. Remind me of this when that little whine grows into something bigger!

Here are my miles for the week:

Monday: 3.14 miles
Tuesday: 3.18 miles
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 3.34 miles
Friday: 3.17 miles
Saturday: 11.54 miles
Sunday: 5.54 miles

Total miles: 29.91 (yes, if I had known I was so close to 30, I would have down a lap around the parking lot at the trailhead!).  This week, I'll be running longer than 3 miles on two days per's good to have a training schedule again!

Well, the increase in miles has made my IT band cranky, so off to stretch, foam roll and stick!


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  1. I love the beautiful pics! Even though I grouse about the snow and cold, it really is a fun change (temporarily!). A little variety is nice. All the old trails look new! Glad you aren't even noticing the Nathan. I feel naked without my pack! And the 2200 calories - ahhhh, I feel better for you. When I was reading about the 1400, I was feeling weak at the keyboard! :-) Have a great week!