Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week of New Things

New Thing #1: Working out with a trainer on Monday and Thursdays.
This was an awesome first week with Melissa.  Strength training, getting on a treadmill at 10% incline, many squats and lunges...I love how strength training makes me feel strong.  Even if it is just the first week.  And even if I thought I was going to puke this morning...

New Thing #2: Barely being able to walk on Tuesday because of Monday's workout with trainer.
While uncomfortable, makes you "know" you worked hard.  I've worked with two other trainers before and I've never felt this sore before.  I'm going to give Melissa the credit for this - and not my pathetic entry point back to strength training.  I'm expecting a repeat of soreness and maybe a little more...not sure when I did this many squats and lunges before...

New Thing #3: A really great long run.
It was so good, I was both relieved and estatic!  It was the first 8 miles of my 10 miler on Saturday.  I chose to walk in the last two with my friend Kari, but I felt like I could have made all 10 feel so good.  OK, this really isn't new, but it has been a long couple of months since I felt this good during a long run.  My form was great, my fueling and hydration seemed spot on.  I achieved my pace goals for the run...and I was a 1:21 faster per mile than last week. 

New Thing #4: A new fuel for runs.
I have struggled in the past in finding gel/chew product that don't upset my stomach.  I was happy to find Carb Boom gels.  They can be a little hard to find, but well worth the hunt.  I don't like their chews - they stick to your I tried Honey Stinger Pomegrante Passion Energy Chews.  They were tummy and teeth friendly!  And Honey Stinger is a Colorado company too!

New Thing #5: Eating more and more protein. 
Not liking it, but it's new.  I send my food logs into Melissa and she's set some protein/carb/fat goals for me.  She is trying to build muscle and burn fat - through not only working out but diet (not sure I'm a believer...).  The hardest goal to meet is the "more than 95g of protein."  I've added a protein shake and some times a protein bar.  She'd prefer I don't rely upon supplements, but it makes it hard when I need to keep the fat grams 30g or less.  Plus, I don't want to eat meat or poultry.  More protein has made it easy to keep the calories lower with no hunger, but I have struggled with an upset stomach - I changed my protein powder and hoping this helps (eliminating casein is supposed to).  I won't stick to this for long, it isn't a long term way of life for me and my running goals.   I think I can do this for one or two more weeks and then we'll need to make some changes.  Oh whole grain bread and pasta, I miss you!

New Thing #6: The half pigeon pose.
On Wednesday, my piriformis was screaming, along with an area above my knee.  I went to see Dr. Clark and she got me sorted out and showed me this wonderful yoga pose that really hits the spot.  It's the half pigeon pose.  If you have a tight piriformis and/or IT band issues, check this out!

New Thing #7: A sweet pair of Mizuno Wave Cabrakan 2
Which I took out on the Apex Trail.  Mariah and Indigo were at a Flyball competition, so I was solo.  But not alone.  Look who I got to say hello to! 

It was a little strange at first because they walked right up to me.  Then I saw that they were moving away from a couple of mountain bikers.

Still, it was neat to see them what I thought was really up close.

I know, I know.  You think I'm must be a real city slicker to be so fascinated by what some call as varmin...but I don't think you often see a rack like this!

Going solo made for a relaxing outing with lots of time for pictures!  This is where all the trail photos in this post came from.  I love the diversity of this trail...a little bit of rock, a little bit of tree roots, and some nice non-techical surfaces.  And every time I hit the trail, it looks so different.   All in an all, it was a nice way to take in the fresh, if not cold air!

Here's the miles for this week...
Monday - 3.13 miles plus 60 minute workout with trainer
Tuesday - 4.0 miles
Wednesday - 2.87 miles
Thursday - 60 minute workout with trainer
Friday - 3.18 miles
Saturday - 10 miles
Sunday - 5.54 miles

Total for the week: 28.72 miles

I'm off to balmy North Dakota on Tuesday early afternoon for Thanksgiving.  Sure I'll be spending my fair share of time on the treadmill as the high on Thanksgiving Day is 8 degrees.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



  1. Beautiful photos! Were all of them taken on Apex? I want to run on those trails! I love the Honey Stinger Chews, too. I think they are my faves in terms of chews. I used to do a modified pigeon pose up on the bed but for some reason it bothered my knees. Mmmmmm, new trail shoes. New shoes are ALWAYS good! Like you, I am always amazed to see 'varmin'. I don't care that we see them frequently - I still am amazed.
    Glad you are 'enjoying' your new routine and eating regimen. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay! nice pictures, LC! Hmmm. Do I really push that hard on Sunday's trail run??? I'll blame it on Indigo. ;) Happy Thanksgiving!