Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's All Good

It's all good.  Well, except for the dating.  I think "The Continental" from SNL best describes my last date, but I'll share more in its very own post in a few days.  I'll even try to put the video clip on my blog so we can be in this together...

But let's talk running!  Coach had warned us that Saturday's Long Run down in Ken Caryl would be challenging. And because he typically describes challenging hills as rollers and rollers as flat, when he calls something challenging, well, it's scary.  However, I've been running well, so I thought ha! maybe challenging for others, but I can handle it! Well, you know where things went from there - only downward when you display such bravado.

This is what greeted us at the start of our run (thanks Kandy for the photo):

Thankfully it was not an omen for the day!  And we had perfect weather for running in the valley...

I felt strong on the way out, but was extremely fatigued on the way back.  It's nice to have a long run that kicks you in the butt, so you continue to work hard at running stronger.

I'm fairly certain that my fatigue had nothing to do with the jelly bean I swallowed whole at the 8 mile aid station.  Pretty sure it is still lodged in my lung.  Anyhow, the fatigue followed me around the entire weekend, along with a cranky IT Band, twitching quads and tight hammies & calves.  It was a result of not enough sleep, increasing my miles too much, and not enough carbs the week leading up to the run.  All things within my control for next time...

The cranky, twitchy and tight body parts have already returned to normal - so I am thankful that I seem to be able to recover more quickly.  I credit this to strength training with Melissa.  Probably stretching, foam rolling and good nutrition played a part too, but I really think my investment in strength training is the smartest thing I've done so far this training session. 

This week I can't make the long run with the group, so I'm hoping to find a suitable trail for 14 miles.  Suitable trail = not a lot of mud.  Fingers crossed that the precipitation that is expected in the next few days misses us.  I'm feelin' a little Jeep Road in my future.

Last I left you, I was waxing poetic (ok, really whining) about my fear of speed work.  I'm happy to report that I've conquered two speed work sessions since last I blogged.  And with the company of my pace group co-leader Nancy - she makes speed work fly by!

Speed work session #1: 2 miles of warm-up with plyos. And as usual, the warm-up was at my tempo pace. Then 2 miles of fartleks. I should have then done 2X800 repeats but the clock was ticking, so I did one and did an 800 cool down. So if you only do one 800, do you call it a "repeat"?

Speed work session #2: 2 miles of warm up with plyos, in which I demonstrated my general inability to talk while doing walking lunges.  Then 2 miles of hill repeats at 5km effort.  And 1.5 miles of recovery.  Half of the recovery should have included a hill repeat at 5km effort...but a side stitch made that seem difficult. 

Here's my training over the last few weeks. 

Week of February 7
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.0 miles
Wednesday: strength training
Thursday: 5.0 miles
Friday: strength training
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 5.0 miles
Total Miles: 25.0 miles

Week of February 14
Monday: 5.06 miles
Tuesday: 5.0 miles
Wednesday: strength training and 3.02 miles
Thursday: 5.04 miles
Friday: strength training
Saturday: 12.0 miles
Sunday: 4.0 miles
Total Miles: 34.12 miles

Expect a return to more regular blogging as work is returning to its normal speed and running is gearing up.  I'm sure there are more consuming whole jelly bean stories to share...


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  1. WOOHOO!!! Wow, fantastic work, Laura! I can't wait for the return of our Sunday trail runs. :D