Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sometimes it's nothing more than your shoes are tied too tight...

From the top of Green Mountain

4 miles into my run this morning, I was concerned because I felt pain in my ankle.  I hadn't remembered turning it and immediately I wondered what could be wrong.  I'll save you from reading all the things that crossed my mind...thankfully, I firmly believe my shoe was tied too tight.  Yes, you have my permission to laugh.  It's happened it just me?  Anyhow, it got me thinking...sometimes I jump to the worst possible scenario.  And 9.9 times out of 10, things are just fine.  So I'm going to remember to first go to the simple solution, often times it is all we need - a little tweak, not a major overhaul.

It's my 100th post!  Que the marching band!  Throw the confetti!  In its honor, I'll cover all three topics of this blog!

Fun to run down!


Yesterday, I went long - longer than I've gone in a while - 16 miles.  In fact, I looked, longer than I've gone since October 3, when I ran my 50km.  The first 10 miles were great.  The last 6, not so great.  But there is an upside.  Today's run at Green Mountain was wonderful.  I fully expected it to be a death march.  And while Jeep Road was incredibly hard, it was fun to come down the mountain with nothing but mountain bikes slowing my descent.  Strong legs still - thanks to my strength training!

porta potty?


Oh, have I been eating.  Yikes!  It's Denver Restaurant Week.  For $52.80/couple, a three course meal can be found.  Most of the restaurants are some of the fine dining establishments around town, so it gives you an affordable way to try out some of the places.  I went to Kevin Taylor's at the Opera (not so great - but the dessert was divine - malted chocolate creme brulee), The Palm (great service and wonderful crab cakes), Union (well worth the drive to Castle Rock - shrimp, lobster tail and bread pudding - oh my!) and the very sublime Luca d'Italia (sigh, it was all wonderful).  Yes, I will be fasting the rest of the month. 

Over the weekend, I made a few things to keep me fed during the week- couscous salad and grilled chicken.  And one night this week, likely when a spring snow falls (Monday or Tuesday) I'll make a version of the Pumpkin Soup recipe from Oh She Glows.  I'm substituing low fat coconut milk for the cashew cream sauce to cut some calories and fat.   I'll let you know how it turns out!  Maybe I should make it this evening...


I'm just not sure I have the energy right now.  I want to find a man to share my life, but this has been a hard journey of late.  When I described my last date to a friend, he suggested that the spirit of my date was reflected in the Saturday Night Live skit "The Continental."  This was a reoccuring skit starring Christopher Walken.  Click on "The Continental" if you'd like to have a glimpse.  And yes, you have my permission to laugh.

And on another dating note...if you are trying to impress your date, please do not ask her to pick up your dead dog's ashes because she'll be surprised at how heavy they are.  While she may be surprised at how heavy they are, she will most likely be creeped out. 
Week of February 21
Monday: 5.56 miles
Tuesday: 5.57 miles
Wednesday: Strength Train
Thursday: 5.0 miles
Friday: nada
Saturday: 5.0 miles
Sunday: 6.54 miles
Total Miles: 27.67 miles

Week of February 28
Monday: 5.05 miles
Tuesday: 6.51 miles
Wednesday: Strength Train
Thursday: 6.25 miles
Friday: Strength Train
Saturday: 16.35 miles
Sunday: 6.19 miles
Total Miles: 40.35 miles (woo hoo!)

Happy Running!



  1. Great job on your Non-death March! And all that food sampling sounds G-O-O-D!!! Holding the dead dog's ashes, on a first date, IS a little odd. Maybe it was just one of those awkward moments that 'just happen' because he didn't know what to do or say and now he's kicking himself for doing something so odd. Or, maybe he's just odd. Better luck next time!

  2. HAHA! The Continental. Too funny. Can you guess how much my bike cost? Way to power through your runs, Laura!