Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mutt Strut

Let's just say the Mutt Strut adds a new dimension to aid stations.  On Sunday morning, as I headed out from my house to Wash Park, I knew there was a possibility that there may be a race scheduled as there usually is on a Sunday morning.  But I also knew they usually start at 7:00am and by the time I ran the 3 miles to the Park, the race should be well enough over.  I wrong.  With a race start time of 9:00am, the Park was over run by pets and their humans.  It was a humorous scene.  Lot's of barking dogs of all shapes and sizes and at each aid station a pool for the puppies and bottled water for the humans.  I wish I had my camera with me!  I love how a lot of times the humans look like their pets. 

Last week was a good week of training - and some heat acclimation as summer has arrived with its big guns.  You know when you start a run at 5:15am and it's already 60 degrees, it's going to be a hot one.  I'd rather the heat though than opposed to having to run on ice and in sub-zero temps...I will likely remind myself of this as summer continues to heat up. 

I'm looking forward to the North Fork 50km.  Yes, I'm doing it.  While my training isn't where I would like it to be (will it ever?), I want to get back into a race and have a fun trail run.  Being able to run, at any speed, is a true blessing.  I forgot this during and after Steamboat.  It feels good to have a better perspective.  There have been a few posts out in blogland that have reinforced my shift in perspective.  Here and Here.  It made me realize that so long as I'm having fun and it challenges me, it doesn't really matter how fast I go.

Here's what I accomplished last week...

Week of June 20th
Monday: 3.14 miles
Tuesday: 7.23 miles
Wednesday: Strength training and 7 miles on the bike
Thursday: 5.02 miles
Friday: Strength training
Saturday: 20 miles
Sunday: 10 miles
Total Miles: 45.39 miles

Happy Running!


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