Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you think Gatorade has magical powers?

Before every big race or long run, I find myself needing to hydrate the day before with Gatorade.  And not just any Gatorade, it has to be the Frost Glacial Freeze "flavor" of Gatorade.  Superstitious?  Perhaps.  I find it a bit comforting.  This is just how my taper mind is working right now...

Tuesday speed work started on July 5th.  I'm happy to report that I have perfect attendance thus far.  This week's session ended with Coach and I discussing race strategy and him commenting on how my running has changed since I've been strength training.  Then, he did a before and after demonstratoin of my running style which made me laugh...  But the comparison gave me some confidence going into this weekend's North Fork 50km.

My overall goal on Saturday is to have fun - because this should be fun!  My other time "related" goals:
Goal A: Maintain the same pace at Collegiate Peaks.  North Fork is at a lower altitude.  But it is longer and has some single track.  It might also be hotter.  However, I think this is a good target pace.
Goal B: Maintain a "hurry" focus.
Goal C: Finish! 

I would wax on and on about how my training isn't where it should be.  But I won't.  Here are some far more interesting things to ponder:

  • My brother Kevin is going to do his second Ironman next summer in Quebec.  Can't wait to cheer him on!
  • I was able to see the U.S. Women's Open this past Saturday down in Colorado Springs.  It was a wonderful event!  Golf fans sure are different than football fans...
  • My birthday was this past Friday.  And I celebrated all weekend long.  I'm blessed with the most awesome friends.
  • Red velvet cake and cupcakes were part of the celebration. 
  • I had a professional bike fitting on Sunday.  Watch out cross-training, here I come!
  • Wednesday after the race, I'm heading to the east coast for a little R&R with my friends in Northern New Jersey.  Yes, it is just like the Sopranos. 
  • Taper totally freaks me out.  I spent last doing laundry and cleaning my apartment.  For some reason, a clean house makes me feel better before a race.
  • I also got all my stuff ready for the race tomorrow.  Maybe that's good planning...or just a sign of freaking out.  Anyhow, I think this is a good plan!
Here's what I what I've been up to...

Week of June 27
Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday: Strength Train and 3.66 miles
Thursday: 5.54 miles
Friday: Strength Train
Saturday: 14 miles
Sunday: 18 holes of golf (and believe it or not, it burns about the same calories as a 5 mile run!)
Total Miles:  23.20 miles

Week of July 4
Monday:  6.54 miles
Tuesday: 4.37 miles
Wednesday: Strength Train
Thursday: 5.51 miles
Friday: Strength Train
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 22.42

Happy Running!



  1. Good luck at your 50K, and belated Happy Birthday! Mmmmm red velvet cake.

  2. Oh Laura! Somehow I missed this post! Happy Late Birthday and mmmmmm, that cake looks OUTSTANDING - I hope it tasted as delicious as it looks! Are we getting a North Fork race report??? That is a tough, exposed, hot course. We have gotten baked to a crisp out there on our mountain bikes many a time. I think it is a course that most people under estimate, based solely on the profile. It is tough.