Saturday, November 28, 2009

10 Miles in Evergreen

Every Saturday morning, the running group meets up for the long run.  There are so many great things about this - fun & encouraging folks and a different route each week.  There is little reason for not getting your long run done.  This week's run was a trail run up in Evergreen, which is about 30 minutes from Denver.

On my schedule was a 10 mile goal pace run.  Miles 6 - 9 were to be at goal pace, but I knew that being on trails and at around 7800 ft altitude...that wasn't going to happen for me.  My plan became to enjoy the views and enjoy any company I could keep.

An arriving weather front, with promises of snow and rain, made the skies cloudy, but the trail was beautiful.  Living is Colorado is simply wonderful!

Some of the company kept or had close by celebrated around the 10 mile turn around of our out and back course! 

Or they were just hamming it up for the photo!

I hit mile 3 hard - and why not?  Gravity was helping me and it was a blast.  Mile 3 had an elevation loss of about 300 feet.  Of course I struggled hard on Mile 8 when I had to go back up it.  It was a deceptive incline on the way back because the trail winds across what appears to be a flat meadow.  All in all, a hard but enjoyable Saturday morning.

The daily eats report will come later on this evening!

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