Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunnies and Birds

No, I didn't eat any bunnies.  I went for a 4 mile walk this afternoon on the Highline Canal Trail, just south of Colorado Blvd. and Hampden.  Along the way, my wildlife spotting was limited to some bunnies and birds (and a few dogs).  Honestly, I was thankful to see the bunnies.  This meant to me that the coyotes weren't around.  Coyotes around = no bunnies.  This route can be a little weird, coyotes aside, because there is usually a crowd or absolutely no one.  This day, the first and last miles were in absolute solitude.  And sometimes the leaves rustling make my imagination run wild - as if big foot was going to jump out and grab me.  I brought some tunes to enjoy, could still hear those leaves rustling, but I enjoyed the sun, almost mud-free path, and looking at the pretty multi-million dollar homes that line the trail.

This is my first day without diet pepsi.  I'm trying to eliminate splenda and all other artificial sweetners from my diet.  And I adore diet pepsi.  I want to elimate these from my diet because I've read and heard that they actually drive your sugar cravings.  And as today shows, I could use some help with that!

My eats for the day:

Breakfast was coffee with 1/2 c. 1% milk and 1 t. sugar...

and my Nature's Path Maple Nut Oatmeal but this morning I changed it up a bit and added 1/2 oz of dried cranberries.  It was a nice change from the blueberries.

My mid-morning snack was one slice of nine grain bread toast with 1 T. reduced fat peanut butter.  As soon as the jar is finished, I'm going to give almond butter a try. 

Lunch was lame.  And the picture makes it look disgusting.  Anyhow, it will serve as a demonstration that I don't eat all things organic or natural.  I had Progresso's 40% less sodium Italian-Style Wedding soup with 3 Foster Farms turkey meatballs (pre-cooked a "find" from Costco). 

Right after lunch, I mindlessly munched on an unknown quantity of....

UGH.  I know, if you are going to slurge on something, then pick some good quality dark chocolate, eh?  I should have measured.  But I didn't.  I decided then to skip my afternoon snack.

Dinner was 4 oz of chicken breast (grilled on the George Forman).  I tend to grill a package of chicken on Sunday nights, portion it out and use it all week long.

I like to dust the chicken before grilling with a little of two rubs from Penzey's Spices - Galena Street and Barbeque of the Americas.

And the chicken was accompanied by 1/2 c. of mashed sweet potatoes with 1/2 T. whipped butter and 1/3 t. brown sugar.  Yum. Yum.

And a pumpkin cheddar flatbread from Doctor Kracker.  I learned about these delicious flatbreads from one of my favorite bloggers Jenna

All together my plate looked like this.  It was all so good.

I ended the day with two clementines.  And got a kick out of the sticker, "Root for the Cute."

Daily Totals:
Eats: 1267 calories (28% protein, 46% carbs, 26% fat) + unknown quantity of white chocolate chips
Workout: 4.15 mile walk
Men: zero but profile will be active on in the very near future!

Have a great Monday!


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