Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Pursuit of the Best Man

I find dating physically and emotionally exhausting.  The physical part has to do with making good food choices, balancing an increase in alcohol consumption (nerves), fitting in my runs, and getting enough sleep.  The mental part has many elements.  You put yourself out there to be evaluated.  Rejection is hard to not take personally.  Trying to be engaging and engaging the other person is really energy consuming when you are an introvert like me.  Figuring out the "nice" way to tell someone that I'm not interested in them.  Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it. 

But the upsides are many.  The excitement of a new relationship, the anticipation of meeting a great man, laughter and new  experiences, and the knowledge that you are sharing your life with another person.

So this evening, keeping my focus on the upsides, I will re-activate my profile on  I joked with a few friends that my goal should be to meet 100 men.  One friend thought I could blog about it, the other said "write a book."  I'm pretty sure that this all has been done.  While my goal isn't necessarily to meet 100 men, this time around my focus is going to be less about meeting "the one" and more about meeting different men so I can have a clearer picture of who I want to share my life with.  And hopefully I'll meet that best man along the way.

I'll blog about this pursuit of mine.  However, if you are looking for salacious details, you'll need to go elsewhere.  The integrity and anonymity of the men I do meet will be maintained.  Such a drag, eh?

I'm off for a walk and then I'm going to let Jillian make my abs and chest hurt.  Daily eats later!

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