Friday, December 11, 2009

For Real This Time...

Sorry for not posting yesterday.  I used my blogging time to...dust off my profile and make it active for the world to see.  I know, a few weeks ago I said I was going to do it and I did make my profile active earlier this week.  I think I had to make peace with the last relationship before moving on.  My last relationship was short but oh so sweet.  I miss the ease in which we connected.  But it is time to move on.  This time around, my goal is to send messages to about five men/each week, instead of waiting for the men to message me! 

Right now I'm enjoying the world's best and strongest coffee.  It smells amazing.  I love when my coffee making skills actually come together.  I also think that I have a little time to enjoy it as I have no workouts today.  I used to resent days off from working out, but I enjoy the extra time and try to visualize my muscles rebuilding themselves as thanks for giving them a break.

And I'm also enjoying my usual breakfast - so much better when I remember to add cinnamon to it!

Yesterday's food was pretty usual breakfast (oatmeal and blueberries), lunch (turkey sandwich, tomatoes & clementines) and snacks (banana, crackers and Clif bar).  I'll only bore you with my dinner details - I had a 1c. brown rice with 4 oz of grilled chicken breast and some soy sauce and of all things, a 1c. of corn. 

I used to love corn, fresh, frozen, canned, you name it.  Of course I usually topped my corn with butter or bought the corn with butter sauce, so the plain ol' frozen corn wasn't anything grand and I might have overcooked it a little...I don't know if it has any good nutritional qualities but it helped me meet my carb goal...and trying to get 300 grams of carbs per day is really hard work, but Thursday I was successful.

Thursday's run was difficult.  I think perhaps I met my limit of being on the treadmill.  It was slow going to keep my heart rate in the right zone and I was constantly battling a side stitch.  I hate side stitches - I'd rather have my IT band flair up than a side stitch.  I was especially happy at the end of this run...because it was done! I'm looking forward to 14 miles with the group tomorrow.

Daily totals for Thursday:
Eats: 1845 calories (21% protein, 64% carbs, 15% fat) 308 grams of carbs
Run: 5.0 miles in 68 minutes
Men: profile updated and active!

Have a great Friday!


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