Saturday, December 12, 2009

Long Run and Chobani Yogurt

Happy Saturday!  I have some catch up to this is a long one!

My morning started with my long run with the running group...we were a small group...did the others know it was going to be a little windy?  I had 14 miles on the schedule...but when I came to this part of the course...

...I thought, 12 miles sounds good.  It took me about .3 miles to finally convince myself that turning around before the 14 mile turn around marker would be a.o.k. 

Our run started north of Denver, in Westminster...and the views of the front range were outstanding.

I loved being outside.  The sun was bright and it was warm, compared to our cold weather of this past week. 

All the great views and being outside couldn't help me overcome some back pain and GI issues.  The GI issues could be due to my increased carb intake...I guess I'll keep an eye on it.  The back pain I think is a result of a near face plant in the stairwell of a parking garage on Wednesday afternoon.  My boot caught my pant leg and I went flying forward...and ended up in the plank position as I gripped the handrail.  Just call me grace!  Issues aside, outside and running is the perfect and only way to start the weekend!  Bonus: hanging out with folks from the running group afterwards!

Thanks to Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point ( I adore her blog!), I am the winner of a case of Chobani Greek Yogurt!  And you are probably asking yourself, how does a case of yogurt arrive? 

In a big ol' box, well insulated with packing peanuts and ice packs! 

So this afternoon, I snacked on the peach flavor.  I have to say that it was the best yogurt I've ever had.  And, I am not a raving fan of yogurt.  But this stuff, I highly recommend!  It was creamy, so much so its hard to believe there is no fat in it, and the peach was real bits of peach, not too sweet but a perfect balance to the tanginess of the yogurt.

My other eats for today were pre-run: my coffee and a slice of the Honey Whole Wheat with 1T of reduced fat peanut butter.

During the run, I had 2 gels, a half packet of gel chews and about 12 oz of gatorade.  This all helps greatly with that daily carb goal.  Not to mention fueling my run.  My fuel is pictured in my shot of all the things I brought with me on today's run...guess I've become quite the pack mule!

Post run, for lunch and run recovery, I had a bagel with onion & chive cream cheese and a reduced fat chocolate milk.  Sorry no pictures...

More eats later...I'm craving pizza from Sauce and I just might give into that craving!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday...I was busy on  This can be exhausting as well as exciting if not a bit scary.  Hopefully a few potential future dates, we'll see how it goes.  I've been on match before...and this time around I notice a somewhat unsettling of men with no shirt on...and these aren't candids of the guys swimming or hanging at the beach.  These are inside photos...maybe this is what they mean by "truth in adverting"?

Anyhow eats for yesterday were my usual weekday breakfast:  coffee and oatmeal with frozen blueberries.  I kept my snack to just a banana - two reasons - Fridays have become my rest days, so I burn fewer calories and I knew lunch would not be in my total control.  My lunch was at the Denver Petroleum Club, located at the Denver Athletic Club and I resisted the platter of lemon and apple bars.  My lunch consistented of salad, dinner roll with 1/2 T butter, chicken breast with a creamy sauce, and a few roasted potatoes.  Sorry no picture...might make all the lawyers in the room a little nervous.

Dinner was all about carbs...Amy's Pesto Tortellini Bowl with a slice of honey whole wheat and 1 T of butter.  And even with this- still not enough!

I ended the evening with a lot of water and two York peppermint patties...

Daily Totals (Friday):
Eats: 1924 calories (protein 19%, carbs 55%, fat 26%) - 273 g of carbs
Workout: Rest Day
Men: emailng a few guys

Have a great Saturday!

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