Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Naturally Recurring State of Relatively Suspended Sensory and Motor Activity

Ah rest.  I have been tired all week long.  I think it is a mix of going out so much after work, stress at work, not drinking enough water and well, not getting enough sleep.  I was rather relieved when my date for last night let me know that he had to reschedule as he needed to go to Houston last minute for work.  Last night included some couch time and making carrot cupcakes for a friend's birthday party on Friday evening.  I'll post the recipe if it is good one.  I'll frost them on Friday morning...they made my apartment smell so good.  I find baking very relaxing and I'm pretty good at it!

I'm not sure if you find these introductory emails entertaining or interesting at all.  And well, I just seem to have hit a little streak of memorable ones, so I'll share.  Yesterday's was...

I’m Ty in Colorado, very open minded, uninhibited, educated, clean cut, professional, and tons of fun. I am fit and attractive, and have many pictures to share. I have been waiting for my match one to be approved. I am seeking a women that maybe a bit more open minded…. Someone whom likes to take control… likes a guy to do as she commands / wishes…. Loves to be placed on a pedestal and well served. I am real and genuine in my request. I would love to exchange emails / chat online, and see if we have a fit and if you would like to test me I am game .

We all need love, right?  SIGH.
I took this morning off from running again.  A little tinge of guilt but I'm hoping this little rest will give me back my motivation for Little Rock.

Here are my eats for yesterday.  A little higher calorie wise than I would like since I am not working out, but not too out of control.  I promise I'll start taking pictures of my meals tomorrow!

My morning snack included the "purse pack" of chocolate cookie caramel pecan popcorn clusters from Smartfood and 1.1 oz of rice cracker mix.  Lunch was a sandwich, using up the last of my roasted chicken (3 oz), two slices of Honey Whole Wheat bread from Great Harvest and Miracle Whip Light along with two clementines.  My afternoon snack was a banana and 1/3 of the raspberry pastry my boss brought in.  It was yummy, but I shouldn't have eaten it.  Although the buttery layers of pastry were so good.  Dinner was 1c. brown rice, with one of the Mozzarella Artichoke Garlic chicken sausage that I picked up at Costco.  My evening snack was 1/2 oz of cheddar cheese and 2 small york peppermint patties. 

You might be thinking that smartfood popcorn was yummy.  Not so much.  If you are looking for something artificial tasting and sweet, then yes.  I think they should replace the "chocolate cookie" with plain chocolate and then they would be on to something!  I'm finishing them up so I don't waste them and they come in at 120 calories, so not so bad.

Eats: 1724 calories, 17% protein, 62% carbs (273 grams), and 21% fat
Workout: None
Men: one cancelled date

Have a great Thursday!


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