Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Better Day

Hope you all had an awesome Tuesday!  Work stress is still the same.  But I've decided, with the help of my friends, that my conversations with Bachelor #1 did not warrant anymore stress!

I started the morning with my coffee, with 1/2 c. 1% milk and 1 t. sugar and two fig newtons.

I love fig newtons.  I had these beauties before I hopped on the treadmill for a 7 mile speedwork session.  I would have preferred to be outside, but it was on the cold side and could have been a little slippery with the snow we got yesterday.  Plus, I think it is easier to do speedwork on the treadmill.  Anyhow, I did three miles at easy pace, three miles at marathon goal pace and then 1 mile at recovery pace.

I then ate breakfast no. 2.  Two frozen waffles, 1/2 c. blueberries and 1 T. of maple syrup.

I find that if I am using frozen blueberries, there is enough juice after warming them up that I don't need as much maple syrup.  They were yummy!

My mid-morning snack was an Almond & Cashew KIND bar.  Lunch was Lean Cuisine Mac & Cheese and two clementines.  And my afternoon snack was a banana and a Clif Z bar.  I know, same exact thing as yesterday.

Dinner was all about my love.  The avocado.  I mashed up 3.75 oz of avocado and added some onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper and sea salt.  I served this with a few grape tomatoes and corn thins (skinny rice cakes made out of corn).

And then I had some MorningStar Farm's Chik'n Nuggets with 1 T. bbq sauce.

I then checked my calories burned for the day and saw that I could eat a few more calories.  So I had a slice of honey whole wheat bread with 1 T. of jam.

No Pirate's Booty binge this evening!

Calories Burned
When I started my weight loss journey, I joined 24 hour fitness.  I hired a personal trainer and he introduced me to the Body Bugg.  You may have seen it on the Biggest Loser.  Its something you where on your arm and it looks like this...

I've worn it practically for three years and replaced it when the new model, pictured above, was released.  And each evening I download the data it collects and it tells me how many calories I burned.  And this is also the software I use to log my food.  It shows me my calorie balance.  Based on this, I could predict with shocking accuracy how much weight I would lose each week.  The results were right on par for what the program told me.  It was key in making sure I was moving...and the more I moved, the more I could eat.  Viola, the 100+ pounds came off. 

The body bugg showed me that weight loss really is about calories in and calories out.  Yes, hormones, medication, salt intake and other things can impact your weight too, but at the end of the day, its really about calories in and calories out.  So when I report my calorie burn, it is based on what my body bugg says.

Daily Totals
Run: 7 miles speedwork, 3 miles at marathon goal pace
Eats: 1854 calories (11% protein, 62% carbs (299 g carbs), 27% fat)
Calories Burned: 2482
Men: Sexy email exchange with Bachelor #2, he made me blush!  Confirmed date with Bachelor #3 for Thursday.

Good night!



  1. Now I want fig newtons! yum! how long did it take you to increase your mileage up? two miles still seems like a long time for me :( Glad to hear about the bachelors :)

  2. Glad you appreciate the fig newton...I believe it is a bit of a cross between a cookie and cake ;-). I was able to go from not running to running a 10K in about 2.5 months. And then went onto to my first half marathon in 10 weeks. I think you are approacing it just right...consistency is the first key, then you can play with mileage and speed! Good luck!