Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kickin' and Screamin'

This was me.  Monday.  When I contemplated my trip to the basement to get on the treadmill.  I wimped out from going outside because it was cold...windchill in the single digits.  I had three miles, it shouldn't have been so bad.  And it wasn't once I got the first half mile in.  I must have recovered quickly, because I was downstairs again on Tuesday for 7 miles, with 6 X 800s thrown in for my own entertainment value.  Voluntarily.  No kickin' or screamin'.  This morning I ventured outside for a nice 3 mile recovery outing.  And you know what?  It was light outside!  Spring has to be around the corner.

Yesterday, I chose the treadmill over going to speedwork with my running group.  They were meeting in a location that takes me about 25 minutes to get to, and they were meeting kind of late, which would have made me late for work. Truth be told, the real reason is that I was not up for company.  Monday night Bachelor #1 dumped me.  I wasn't surprised.  He was uncharacteristically silent all weekend long.  Skiing with another girl.  And I don't know even if I have a right to be sad or angry.  I really like Bachelor #2 and #3 too.  In any event, Bachelor #1 was different from the other two and I think rejection hurts, no matter who it comes from.  He seems to feel bad about how he did it.  He sent me two emails yesterday apologizing.  Onward for me.  Especially because I just have this feeling about Bachelor #3.  Really too early to have such a feeling, anyhow...he called me this morning.  Can't think of a better way to start the morning.  OK, maybe the most perfect run...but the phone call was equally awesome. 

My eats have been pretty standard fare.  Its better this way.  This week I have two meals out - Friday night, date with Bachelor #3 and Saturday night, dinner at Elway's with my friends - kicking off Denver's Restaurant Week.  Restaurant Week is actually two weeks and for $52.80 two people can dine on three or more courses at some of the nicest restaurants in town.  My promise to you dear readers is to capture some great food shots!  If my dining companions allow...

Wow, I got off track thinking about all that yummy food.  Here are my eats from Monday and Tuesday...

Breakfast was my usual coffee (1/2 c. 1% milk and 1 t. sugar) and my oatmeal (1/2 c. oats, 1 c. water, 1/2 c. blueberries, 1 T brown sugar and some cinnamon). 
Morning Snack was a banana. 
Lunch was a chicken burger (the ones I picked up from Costco), on a slice of bread and 1 T. bbq sauce and two clementines.
Afternoon Snack was a chocolate chip Clif Z bar and an almond & cashew KIND bar (I'm hooked, can you tell?)
And for Dinner...well, does it look familiar?

Two eggs with some white pepper and 1 T. ketchup and two slices of toast with a little bit of whipped butter and 1 T each slice of jam.  I ended the evening with 4 thin mint Girl Scout cookies. 

Pre-run, I had my coffee and two fig newtons.  Post run, at my desk at work, I had a Clif Bar - Chocolate chip peanut crunch (my favorite of all the Clif bars).  My morning snack was an almond & cashew KIND bar.  Lunch was Cedar Lane Garden Vegetable lasagna and apple slices.  My afternoon snack was a Clif Z bar.
Dinner called for some comfort food.  Innocent looking turkey sandwich...right?

Then BAM...added a little comfort...otherwise known as GRAVY.

This was a.o.k. calorie wise, but this certainly increased my sodium intake off the charts!  In fact, Tuesday was a 3400 mg sodium day - 1000 mg too much and the scale showed it this morning.  I am diligent about my sodium intake, so this is a rare day, and that is OK.  You'll never guess my evening snack...more comfort from 4 Girl Scout thin mints (which are only 160 calories).

Daily Totals
Run: 3 miles
Eats: 1793 calories (14% protein, 60% carbs (287g), 26% fat)
Calories Burned: 2049
Calorie Balance: -256

Run: 7 miles, 6 X 800s
Eats: 1734 calories (19% protein, 60% carb (266g), 21% fat)
Calories Burned: 2501
Calorie Balance: -767

Have a great Wednesday!  I'll check in later with my totals for the day!


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