Monday, March 22, 2010

The Smells of Baking Bread and School Bus Exhaust

This morning, I went out for a short walk around my neighborhood.  On the training schedule this week, my last week of recovery, three runs - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  As I left my apartment building, the aroma of baking bread was in the air.

And then as I walked towards the local elementary school, the baking bread smell disappeared and was replaced by school bus exhaust.  UGH. 

This motivated me to pick up the pace and just up the road, the baking bread aroma returned. AHHH.  Do I think many people were actually baking bread, probably not.  Toast?  Waffles or french toast?  Warm bread for sure!

What does smell of baking break remind you of?  It reminds me of growing up, when my aunts and grandmother would bake.  Boy they could bake.  Bread.  Cakes.  Cookies.  And then I remember that for some time, my afternoon snack consisted of buttercream frosting roses made by a great aunt.  Ah youth and growing up in rural upstate New York.  I'm still a sucker for frosting roses.

Not much else is going on.  I'm anxious to return to a full running schedule, but I know that recovery is important, so patience is a must. 

The weekend was a great mix of rest and fun.  On Saturday I went out for 6 miles, and met up with the bachelor to go to a Nuggets game.  Sunday was about running errands and going for a 4 mile walk.

P90X, I am anxious for your arrival.  This weekend I picked up one of the pull-up bars you place in your door frame.  Ha!  Well first I can report that it works - my door frame didn't creak and it didn't come out of the frame...but that could be because all I can do is hang from the bar....try as I might, I wasn't able to move very high.  Oh how I need to strength train.

This past Friday brought some snow to Denver.  And our coach moved our Saturday run to Sunday.  But Saturday night I had plans with the bachelor, and I didn't want to worry about staying up too late.  So at 9:00am on Saturday,  I met up with a friend and her beautiful border collie!  It was cold and the footing was not great until it started to warm up, but I managed to run/walk 6 miles...with about 60% running. 

This snow is all melted now.  But guess what?  We are expecting another 5 to 12 inches on Wednesday!  Spring time in Colorado....Summer will arrive soon, right?

Hope you had a great start to your week!



  1. wow i cannot even imagine snow right now! so pretty though! :)

  2. ahh, shucks. thanks. :) she's a doll, if not somewhat naughty that day! I should look into getting a bar. Good luck with the rest/recovery! It'll be over soon!!

  3. We flew to Mexico in the snow and landed in the snow. Boo for bad weather, glad you had a great weekend!