Sunday, June 27, 2010

OBC: Baby Steps

I love my Toyota Corolla.  Its reliable.  Has pretty decent gas mileage.  However, it takes it a little while to get from 0 to 60.  Not unlike me with Operation Bear Chase.  I set some lofty goals on Monday...and I'm going to have to work a little slowly in making it all work.  Even so, I am pretty happy with this past week. 

Monday:  4.05 mile run
Tuesday: 6.04 mile run
Wednesday: Bike to Work Day: 13.0 miles bike
Thursday: 5.06 mile run
Friday: REST
Saturday:  12.23 mile run
Sunday: approx:23 mile bike ride (out and back from Frisco to Vail Pass - about 1700 elevation gain)

So that equals: run 4x and bike 2x.  Next up this week, adding bootcamp.

Today was a pretty special day.  I forgot my camera today.  Which is a total fail because the bike ride was incredibly beautiful.  I'm blessed to have wonderful friends who motivated me to tackle the Pass, instead of passing on the Pass!  Feelin' kinda like superwoman!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


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  1. Very cool Laura! Hope you have an awesome week!