Monday, June 21, 2010

Operation Bear Chase

Less than 15 weeks.  103 days.  That's all that remains before I tackle my first ultra - the Bear Chase 50K.  GULP. 

I'm really not at the starting point I had imagined.  Not running for the past three weeks was not how I had hoped to start the training season.  But enough of the whining.  Well, probably not enough with the whining, I expect a lot of whining between now and then.  And during too.  Anyhow, today marks the beginning of Operation Bear Chase.  I think I'll call it the "OBC" for short.  And what will this comprise?  Running 5-6x/week.  Bootcamp/Cross-training 2-3x/week.  Biking 3-4x/week.  Eating better.  Getting more sleep. 

Today kicked off with 4 miles.  Conditions: 63 degrees and 80% humidity.  If you know Denver, you know we rarely see humidity this high.  Heck rare to see it half that.  I was dripping in sweat.  But it felt good to get the OBC started...just think a 50K = my run this morning X 8.  Lots of fun!

Happy First Day of Summer!


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