Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pushy Friends

Do you know what this?  Using my handy National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Rocky Mountain States...I'm guessing an Elk Thistle.  But then I did an on-line search and now I think it is a Musk Thistle.  What do you think?  If it is a Musk Thistle, well that makes it a noxious weed in Colorado.  If it is an Elk Thistle, then its a wildflower.   Anyhow, this is just some of what I saw this morning on my trial run out on the Apex and Enchanted Forest trails.

I have awesome friends.  Some are cheerleaders.  And some are thinkers (you know, rational - all the time).  And some are pushy.  While I love all my friends, I hold a special place in my heart for those who are my pushy friends.  They don't accept mediocre or fine.  They see the possibility in every opportunity.  And they believe I can accomplish things I don't always think are possible. 

The past few days I've had great times with some of my pushy friends.  Kari kicked my pathetic butt at bootcamp after getting it to Vail Pass on the bike just last weekend.  At bootcamp, she reintroduced me to my triceps and abs when all I wanted to do was drink beer.  Feeling my abs and triceps the next day (and the next day) reminded me of how strong I was when I was regularly strength training.  And Mariah, well she led by example this morning on our 5.5 mile trail run.  Running up hill like a damn happy mountain goat - really she was floating up hill as I gasped for air.  I said "I think I can" and she correct me and said "you can."  Running the backside of the trail was awesome and freeing. 

Thanks to my pushy friends.  It was a solid training week.   

Monday - 3.13 mile run
Tuesday - 5.59 mile run
Wednesday - Rest Day (unplanned - just lazy!)
Thursday - 5.57 mile run in the morning; bootcamp in the afternoon
Friday - Rest Day (planned)
Saturday - 14 mile run
Sunday - 5.5 mile run on trails
Total miles:  33.79 miles

No bike this past week.  Tomorrow is a cross-training day - and no bootcamp classes are being held due to the holiday.  So I'll be on my bike!


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  1. I love it!! YAY! I'm emailing you my thistle pics from last year. :)