Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here I Am...

Here I am...I haven't left. 
Sorry I missed my Sunday once/week check-in but this past weekend was a little chaotic.  Here's what I brought to last week's training:

Monday:  Off (planned)
Tuesday: 4.04 miles
Wednesday:Off (lazy)
Thursday: 5.57miles
Friday: Off (lazy)
Saturday: 10.0 miles
Sunday: 5.71 miles
Not stellar.  But solid.  OK, maybe just somewhat solid.  And my training schedule did call for a "recovery" week.  I'll take somewhat solid because I'm working on stellar this week. 

The trail run was fun!  I decided to hit the Apex/Enchanted Forest route again.

While I didn't run with Mariah, I ran into her on the trail where she reported seeing a moose!  All I saw - lots and lots of wildflowers...

I started later in the morning and it really heated up, so I decided to spend more time on the Enchanted Forest trail because it has some really awesome shade!

Here I am...a year older.
Last Thursday was my birthday!  Happy Birthday to Me!  I was fortunate to celebrate often with friends.  I am the new owner of an orchid (which I hope I don't kill), a bouquet of sunflowers, and a red velvet cupcake.  Well, the red velvet cupcake is me, it was yummy.  The favorite part?  The right frosting to cake ratio.  See...

And my mom sang me Happy Birthday!  Yes, I'm 44 years old but this girl still likes it when her mom calls to sing her Happy Birthday!

While I hate admitting I'm 44, I don't feel 44.  I feel much younger!  I also think I look much younger, if I do say so myself.  And I do!

Here I am...with time on my hands.
This past weekend's chaos resulted in me becoming a girl sans boy.  Sigh.  Sudden.  Shocking.  Surprising.  So I'm going through the normal craziness of sadness, loneliness, regret, hope, know all the stages of saying good-bye to a relationship.  My heart is broken.  But just think, in a few months, I'll have stories to share!  If you are looking for a fix right now, I direct your attention to "Its Always Sunny in Colorado."  Some interesting stories that made me laugh and then groan.  Us human are quite an interesting bunch in our search for a companion.

Here I am...with renewed (and new) goals.
What better way to get through a relationship then revisit some goals.  I think I'll save those for my next post!  But one of them is posting on a more regular basis! Have a great Thursday!



  1. YAY Laura! It's great to be around your positive attitude. :)

  2. Seeing a moose sounds awesome! I'm so sorry about the boy. And Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I'm sorry to hear about the broken heart - never easy. Thanks for your email the other day. Let's definitely get together soon!