Monday, August 2, 2010

Ending with Mt. Falcon

This week's training ended with a nice outing at Mt. Falcon - 8.8 miles on a few different trails: Castle, Turkey Trot and Meadow. 

The day was perfect!  Sun shining bright and a great breeze!  A cool tree around the base of the trail...

Thankfully I had an awesome trail companion - Mariah.  She's one of those "pushy" friends that I value so much.  She yells "wee" on the downhills and sometimes on the uphills too, I think in an effort to get me to pick up the pace!  If not for her yesterday, not sure I would have gotten my miles in!  Here's she is at Eagle Eye Shelter (I think).

On the way back down the trail (I think we had around 1500 feet of elevation gain), I gave Mariah the car key so she could hang, as she is much faster than I and I was starting to drag - Thanks for waiting!    I could tell I was dragging because I kept on kicking my ankles!

Here's an overview of last week's mileage:

Monday: 2.02 miles
Tuesday: 6.38 miles
Wednesday: 4.05 miles
Thursday: 5.53 miles
Friday: off (planned)
Saturday: 18 miles
Sunday: 8.80 miles
Total weekly mileage: 44.78 miles

Today is a rest day and then my second 10 day cycle begins!  Have a great Monday!


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  1. Laura, you were running strong and fierce on that trail! You didn't even once smack me for being pushy! :D Thanks for helping me get thru that run too.