Thursday, October 21, 2010

Laziness Be Gone!

What a lazy start to the week!  I had big plans to kick off strength training, etc. and well, Monday and Tuesday mornings came and went and absolutely had no motivation to do so.  Instead, I would lazily enjoy my coffee, clean a closet or read blogs.  I'm not sure if this lack of mojo is because there is no race in the near future or if the absence of the sun in the mornings is impacting the "go" part of my "get up and go."  Whatever it is, it was unsettling and I didn't like it one bit. 

Thankfully, yesterday morning I got in a 3 miler.  And double thankfully, this morning I met up with Mariah and headed out for a couple of loops around Wash Park - a nice 5 mile run.  Well, Mariah was pushy, so it was hard work!  In any event, perhaps this is a sign of the mojo's return.  I can't tell you how much easier it was to get up and get to the Park knowing I was meeting someone.  I need to remind myself that after a great run or workout, I'm more focused at work, I make better food choices and I sleep better.  Really, it comes down to a happier Laura.  The road rage also goes fellow commuters might appreciate this (Colorado can't take all of the New Yorker out of me).

This week was a fun one to reflect upon my 50K.  One of the cool things about the Bear Chase Race?  Free picture downloads from the race photographer...Running Guru.  And while this is 11 minutes into the race and I was fresh as a daisy, I think I might just look like an ultra/trail girl!

Or maybe just a girl with way too much gear!  Anyhow, I'm happy about the race.  It took me a while to get there, but it is well within my control to decide how to feel about the race.  And I choose to be happy about the fact I finished and that I can't wait to do it again.  You don't get another first ultra. 

This was the beautiful start to the race that I mentioned...

And little did I know as I was finishing, Coach (and Barb) were celebrating... 

Of course it is entirely possible that Coach may have been happy to not have to send Search & Rescue out to find me!

My mom is arriving this evening for an extended weekend visit.  Our plan is to walk a lot so we can enjoy a few meals out.  And I'm also planning on sneaking in a few more runs...



  1. YAY Laura! You are definitely a lot stronger now. You're breathing is stronger, your run time is longer. I didn't think I was being pushy at all! You were the one that kept the pace strong! WOOHOOO!

    Heh. pushy, who me? well, ok, maybe an itty bitty bit. :)

  2. I think everyone's mojo and get-up-and-go has been a little off with the seasonal shift. I think winter would be pretty good if we could just keep a little more daylight! And YES! you do look like a REAL trail/ultra runner girl-great photos! How is the Nathan working out for you? Have a great visit with your mom!