Monday, December 6, 2010

I Hate to Admit This...

But I'd like to see some SNOW.  Shhhh.  Don't tell anyone.  I'm usually the first to whine and complain about the weather.  Thursday night I headed over to Costco and picked up some poinsettias.  4 for $16 was a bargain I could not refuse...and then on Sunday night, I headed to this place...

To see some Holiday lights!  And the Henry Moore Exhibit is still there!   My camera sucks - but hopefully you'll get the idea...

And with some fancy 3D glasses, the lights become dancing snowmen.

Which entertained Katie, Mariah and I IMMENSELY!

I'm currently contemplating when I'll make some cookies to send to some folks for the holidays...and my emerging holiday spirit would be complimented nicely by some snow.  The white fluffy stuff.  That melts the next day.  I know, picky about my snow.

On my list for baking cookies:

Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies
Oreo Cheesecake Cookies
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Of course cookies have nothing to do with my current laser like focus on reshaping my body.  This focus has resulted in some stellar results.  In the month of November, I lost 7.5 pounds and went from 28.6% body fat to 24% body fat.  I couldn't be happier.  Well, I could.  This has been the hardest eating plan for me to follow, and over the course of my life, there have been many - remember Optifast?  That was probably the craziest.  I did that one not once but twice. 

Anyhow, with this plan, I'm not hungry which helps.  But trying to get in a lot of protein without meat and without a lot of fat, well, that can limit your choices.  I'm keeping the cottage cheese, seafood, greek yogurt, protein powder and egg white industries very happy.  I may be adding some poultry in...lest I go bonkers because of those limited choices.  This will not be the foundation of a long term eating plan, but if it can help me meet my goals before training begins for my spring/summer races, then I'll dig deep.  Today my trainer approved of two additions, on days I run long: whole wheat pasta and bread (the live stuff).  Carbs!  Be still my heart.

In addition to high protein/low fat/low carb diet, I am strength training about 2x/week and running 4x/week.  I probably will repeat myself often, but it feels so good to be back to strength training.  Even if it hurts to raise my arms, to laugh, to cough, to sneeze and to sit.  My focus renewed itself after my proposed race plan for next spring and summer became more set in stone.

April 16 - Hyner View 25K Trail Challenge
May 7 - Collegiate Peaks 25 Miler
June 5 - Steamboat Marathon
July 16 - North Fork 50 Miler

This past week I was slow to come out of my Thanksgiving holiday butter and cream cheese induced coma (and for the record, I still lost weight over the holiday, ate too many carbs and had a grand if not freezing cold time in North Dakota!).

Monday - Does the plane ride home count?
Tuesday - Still slacking off!
Wednesday - 6.05 miles
Thursday - 60 minute strength training workout
Friday - 3.14 miles
Saturday - 12.27 miles (which wiped me out)
Sunday - 4.16 miles
Total miles: 25.62 miles

Have an awesome week.  Maybe I'll have a snowshoeing adventure to recap next week!



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