Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Other Green

Today's adventure: 5.58 miles.  2361 feet elevation gain (min 5828 max 8133) at Boulder's Green Mountain.  I feel all hard core...well, actually at the present moment, I feel like mush.

Big thanks to Mariah for serving as photographer and tour guide.  I had a really great time.  Even though when I woke up and it was 16 degrees outside, I thought flannel sheets might win out...I slowly warmed up to the idea of heading on this hike, although I tried to distract Mariah with thoughts of brunch...and while Mariah may have been content...the awesome pup Indigo would have been very sad.

This puppy is just incredible.  The trail spends most of the time under the cover of trees, until you approach the summit when you feel the wind you've been listening to.  Mariah's encouragement let me experience a tiny scramble to the marker...but I am really afraid of my legs were wobbly and not yet from the hike up!

It was a great way to cap off a nice week of workouts.

Monday: 60 minute strength training
Tuesday: 5.05 miles
Wednesday: 5.20 miles
Thursday: 60 minute strength training; 2.17 miles
Friday: 4.07 miles
Saturday: 12.25 miles
Sunday: 5.58 miles

Total miles: 34.32 miles

I did not bake cookies this weekend.  I couldn't face the temptation as I plateaued this week.  My mind knows this can happen, but my emotions were all over the place this week.  Hoping that the scale will budge soon.  Any way, no matter what the scale says, I know I'm getting stronger.  No way would today's hike happen after a 12 mile run the day before.

And I joined eHarmony.  Back to the dating world...stories to follow!

Have a great week!


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  1. Ok, so I LOVE Indigo! I am torn about getting another dog after we lost Sage this past summer. I miss having a smiling face greeting us at the door every day and overall the wonderful company a dog provides but we do enjoy having the freedom to 'pick up and go' if we like and not having the responsibility (ie: vet bills) that go along with pet ownership. A dilemma! Great job on your slog up Green! We did it this past summer and it is a terrific workout! Loving the Christmas lights from the previous post. Nice job at relenting from the cookie baking (for your own good!) - can you give a friend your recipes and have them bake and ship them??? :-) I think the dough from the oreo cake and peanut butter kiss cookies would be history (as in, in my mouth) for me. Keep up on the terrific work in terms of training and eating - you can do it!