Monday, January 3, 2011

Highlights and Hopes

Can you believe 2011 is upon us?  Happy New Year!  Sorry for my disappearance.  Between the holidays and work getting very crazy...but I'm back!

This week's long run was moved from Saturday to Sunday - which I was very thankful for as the wind chill temps were below zero on Saturday and I may have been feeling the after effects of a little too much Prosecco.  Sunday morning we headed to Waterton Canyon.  It's in the midst of some dredging work at Stonia Springs Reservoir, but it is open for a short period of time over the winter months (closes at the end of January for the remainder of 2011).

While it was warmer than Saturday, it was still quite cold at the start...but the canyon was beautiful!

While I scanned the canyon for big horn sheep, I didn't see any wild animals...except for a few mountain bikers!  It is always interesting to see the dam!

Time for a traditional blogger post.  A review of 2010 and some goals for the New Year!
2010 Highlights
Completed marathon #2 (shaving 20 minutes off of my PR).  Completed first 25km.  Completed first ultra marathon -50km.  Got a road bike and took it to the top of Vail pass.  Fell on said bike while clipped in.  Learned that hiking isn't really a leisure activity.  Met a boy, got heart broken, let it mend and joined eHarmony.    Paid off two student loans.  Litigated first trial ever. Visited Lake Placid, Little Rock, Savannah, Ottertail Lake and Fargo.  Enjoyed green monsters and avocados.  Roasted my first chicken.  Ran 1280.09 miles.

Goals for 2011

Train consistently for endurance and speed.  This past year, I focused purely on endurance.  I didn't care about speed and it showed.  I made no gains in the speed department and probably got a little slower.  I need to develop both my endurance and speed. 

Run with a purpose.  Designating a purpose for each run will help ensure I become a stronger runner - both physically and mentally.  The purpose may be recovery, endurance, speed, hills, or just plain fun.  No junk miles.

Stretch and strength train.  This will not only make me a stronger runner, but it will keep those injuries at bay.  I don't want to be sidelined from activity because I have a weak butt, hip flexor, core, etc.  I have 100% control over these types of injuries.

Recover.  Have a rest day and rest.  And sleep for 7 hours or more.

Race often.  While I don't like racing, racing means I train and I love training.  Right now, I am signed up for races in April (Hyner Trail 25K), May (Collegiate Peaks 25M), June (Steamboat Marathon) and July (North Fork 50M).  Now I need to choose some races for September, October, and November.  Suggestions anyone? 
Run 1600 miles.  In 2010, I set out to run 1400 miles and came up short coming in at 1280.09 miles.  If I hadn't been injured twice, I think I would have met or exceeded the goal.  So what is a mileage that will push me just a little.  1500 sounded good, but then I settled on 1600.  Gulp.  134 miles per month.  Bring it!

Eat primarily whole foods.  This is not a suggestion that I shop at the store Whole Foods exclusively.  Whole Foods has plenty of foods that are not whole.  Really this goal has nothing to do with Whole Paycheck.  Instead, I want to focus on eating foods in their most natural state.  This would make my trainer proud.

More vegetables.  Well, I successfully incorporated a veggie into my morning snack.  And I eat some with lunch and dinner.  But I need to increase the volume of the veggies I eat.  If only I could cover them all in melted cheese and butter. 

Enjoy new restaurants and return to old favorites.  I love food.  Sometimes I get too caught up in training and watching what I eat, that I forget to enjoy food.  So this is the year to embrace some more balance.  I want to return to Olivea, Colt & Gray and Z Cuisine.  I want to try new places like Duo (new to me).  Good thing Denver's Restaurant Week arrives in February!

Date slowly.  I jump in too quickly.   It's OK to take things slow.  In fact, it is better.   Just a reminder to savor the getting to know process.  Perhaps I should treat it like running - patience. 

Date more.  When I go fast, well I focus on one person and miss out on the richness of meeting different men.  I've been on a few dates since I last blogged and one has particularly caught my attention, so I hope I don't blow these goals in the first month!

What highlights are you most proud of from 2010?  What goals do you have for 2011?

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  1. Laura, I love your goals and thoughts. Especially on comparing dating to running. It is funny to think how similar the two really are! You are great, and I love your blog. Keep it up!